Professional Baking 6th - W. Gisslen



Baking is one of the oldest occupations of the human race. Since early prehistoric human beings made the transition from nomadic hunters to settled gatherers and farmers, grains have been the most important foods to sustain human life, often nearly the only foods. The profession that today includes baking artisan sourdough breads and assembling elegant pastries and desserts began thousands of years ago with the harvesting of wild grass seeds and the grinding of those seeds between stones.

Today, the professions of baker and pastry chef are growing quickly and changing rapidly. Thousands of skilled people are needed every year. Baking offers ambitious men and women the opportunity to find satisfying work in an industry that is both challenging and rewarding. Before you start your practical studies, which are covered in this book, it is good to first learn a little about the profession you are entering. Therefore, this chapter gives you a brief overview of baking professions, including how they got to where they are today.